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3 Need-to-Knows about UMP Insurance

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Underinsured Motorist Protection, otherwise known as UMP insurance, protects drivers when they are involved in an accident where the at-fault driver does not have sufficient insurance to cover costs. In British Columbia, all ICBC-insured drivers have minimum $1 million UMP insurance.
If you’ve suffered a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident, you may find yourself needing to access this level of protection.
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1. Both drivers and non-drivers are covered
If you are a resident of British Columbia and have a vehicle insured with ICBC or hold a BC driver’s license, you are still covered by UMP insurance even if you are hit as a pedestrian or cyclist. Additionally, a driver’s UMP insurance extends to their passengers, as well as to family members travelling in any car.
2. You can purchase additional UMP insurance
ICBC’s Basic Autoplan coverage includes $1 million in UMP insurance. To protect yourself in the event of a personal injury that results in costs higher than this—for example, an injury that requires treatment for the rest of your life—you can purchase Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection. This increases the limit to $2 million.
3. The claim limit is affected by other insurance claims
UMP is the last coverage sought in a personal injury claim. That means workers’ compensation, employment insurance, and other private insurance will reduce the amount of UMP accessible to you. This also means ICBC can require you to pursue the at-fault driver to recover costs, which likely will require the services of a litigator.
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