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Good advice.

4 Qualities to Look for in a Litigation Lawyer

DBM Law Blog

Litigation is the process by which two parties bring or contest a legal issue in court. Although all lawyers practice law, not all lawyers represent their clients at trial. A lawyer who does litigation, otherwise known as a litigator, is a lawyer who represents you at trial, in the courtroom.

It’s no surprise that going to court is a special skill, which some lawyers excel at and some do not. So, what are the qualities to look for in a litigation lawyer?

  1. Find someone you feel comfortable with

In your initial meetings, does the litigator make you feel at ease? Is this someone you are comfortable speaking with and can put your trust in? At DBM, our litigation lawyers excel at being approachable and understanding, because this is essential to the litigator-client relationship, for both parties.

  1. Hire someone who explains processes and sets expectations

Does the litigator take care to ensure you understand the process you will embark on with your lawsuit? Do they regularly check to make sure all the information is reaching you in an easy-to-understand way? Just as importantly, have they explained likely outcomes and managed expectations for the results of your lawsuit?

  1. Make sure your litigator will go to trial

As mentioned above, not every lawyer’s career puts them in the courtroom. Important qualities to look for in a litigation lawyer include their willingness to go to trial for you and your issue. In your initial discussions with your litigation lawyer, ask about their experience in court and case history.

  1. Make sure your litigator will settle

Just as important as making sure your litigator is willing to enter the courtroom is making sure they will settle your case outside of it. If your suit can be resolved satisfactorily without going to court, then your litigator should be comfortable advising a settlement over a trial.

DBM’s litigators are located at our Coquitlam law office and our Langley law office. To discuss your legal issue with one of our litigators, get in touch here.



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