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5 Treatments for Your Soft Tissue Personal Injury

DBM Law Blog

A soft tissue injury—such as whiplash suffered in a car accident—can be incredibly painful and life affecting.
Whether you sustained an injury in a motor vehicle accident in Kelowna or a restaurant in Coquitlam, personal injury lawyers will work to ensure you receive due compensation for your pain and suffering and to cover the costs of treatment for your injury.
Soft tissue injuries include strains, sprains, and spasms, which affect muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They can manifest as tension or muscle weakness, and they can present acute pain or chronic pain. They can induce severe bruising, or there may not be any external signs at all.
In short, soft tissue injuries are myriad, and as such, so are the treatment options. Seek medical advice immediately after an accident to find out which course is best for you.
1. Ice and elevation
Most immediately, soft tissue injuries require icing and the elevation of the area, if possible, to reduce swelling.
2. Slings, braces, and bandages
It is important to reduce movement of the injured area. To take away any temptation to use your injured appendage, a doctor may recommend wearing a sling, tight bandage, or neck brace.
3. Physiotherapy
For higher-grade soft tissue injuries—such as torn fibres or ruptured structures—physiotherapy with a medical professional will likely be required. In BC, including Coquitlam, personal injury therapy such as this is usually at a private clinic, and is most often not covered by MSP.
4. Supplements
Certain foods, minerals, and nutrients, including protein and magnesium supplements, can help in the recovery of soft tissue personal injuries, which will be recommended under the advice of a doctor or physiotherapist.
5. Pain management
Whether your personal injury is low or high on the soft tissue injury scale, some sort of pain management will be required. More severe injuries might require a combination of pharmaceutical and physical pain management, such as massage.
A personal injury lawyer will help you seek damages incurred as a result of an injury suffered due to someone else’s negligence. Get in touch with our Vancouver, Langley, or Coquitlam law offices here.


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