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Real Estate Law 2024/02/16

When Your Security as a Second Mortgagee Is at Risk

In a recent case, we pursued an order for the immediate conduct of sale to protect our client’s position as a second mortgagee whose security was jeopardized. Although we didn’t obtain an immediate sale order, we successfully negotiated a one-month redemption period, followed by an immediate sale order upon its conclusion. For second lenders, it’s … Continued

Real Estate Law 2022/08/15

Vacant Lands and Changing Demands: How Port Moody’s Policies May be Hindering their Quest to Solve Affordable Housing

Has Port Moody done enough to address the challenge of housing affordability? In recent years it seems that despite various property development projects being discussed, there is no clear sign that many of these projects will come to fruition. While the City has adopted policies designed to create affordable housing, in reality, these policies have … Continued

Real Estate Law 2021/02/19


FIVE THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN DECIDING HOW TO OWN A PROPERTY WITH ANOTHER PERSON When you purchase a property in BC with another person (or other people), you can own that property in one of two ways: Joint Tenancy or Tenancy-In-Common. When making that decision, consider these five issues. 1. What is Tenancy-In-Common? Tenancy-In-Common is … Continued

Real Estate Law 2019/10/29

The Empty Homes Tax

The Empty Homes Tax is a new tax on vacant or under-utilized properties within Greater Vancouver. We discussed the definitions and exemptions of this tax in an earlier blog post: The Empty Homes Tax in Vancouver. With the introduction of the tax, some property owners have found themselves fighting for their exemptions. Today, this post … Continued

General Litigation 2019/08/27

What is a Builders Lien Holdback?

Both the holdback and the power to lien come from the Builders Lien Act (the “Act”).  The purpose of the act is twofold: To provide security for contractors and subcontractors who work on a construction project To limit the owner of a properties liability The Act requires all persons on a project to retain 10% … Continued

Real Estate Law 2019/02/14

B.C.’s Speculation and Vacancy Tax

A new year, a new tax! If you own a residential property in BC, this will affect you. It is called the Speculation & Vacancy Tax. What is the Speculation & Vacancy Tax? The speculation and vacancy tax is an annual tax potentially paid by owners of residential properties in designated taxable regions of B.C. … Continued

Real Estate Law 2018/07/24

The Empty Homes Tax

Alert, Vancouverites! There is a new tax you need to worry about – the Empty Homes Tax! In a future blog post, I will discuss the implications of the Empty Homes Tax on people who are selling and buying homes in the City of Vancouver. For now, I will just focus on current owners of … Continued

Real Estate Law 2018/04/13

Additional Property Transfer Tax

The most significant new real estate tax in the last few years has to be the Additional Property Transfer Tax. For more information on the traditional Property Transfer Tax, please click on the following link: On February 20, 2018, the BC NDP Government’s Budget made some changes to the Property Transfer Tax. For more … Continued

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