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Good advice.

First Time Home Buyers exemptions increased

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In the BC Provincial Budget of February 18, 2014, the amounts for the First Time Home Buyers exemption have been increased as of February 19. For more details, click here:


Real Estate Law 2021/02/19


FIVE THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN DECIDING HOW TO OWN A PROPERTY WITH ANOTHER PERSON When you purchase a property in BC with another person (or other people), you can own that property in one of two ways: Joint Tenancy or Tenancy-In-Common. When making that decision, consider these five issues. 1. What is Tenancy-In-Common? Tenancy-In-Common is … Continued

Real Estate Law 2019/10/29

The Empty Homes Tax

The Empty Homes Tax is a new tax on vacant or under-utilized properties within Greater Vancouver. We discussed the definitions and exemptions of this tax in an earlier blog post: The Empty Homes Tax in Vancouver. With the introduction of the tax, some property owners have found themselves fighting for their exemptions. Today, this post … Continued


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