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Good advice.

5 Things to Prep before Speaking with Your Wills and Estates Lawyer

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The most secure way to prepare your last will and testament is with a wills and estates lawyer. While it is possible to write your own, a do-it-yourself will is no comparison for one drafted under guidance of a legal professional. A lawyer will take into account factors about estate planning you are most likely in danger of missing, which means that your last wishes will be met as you intended.


Before meeting with your wills and estates lawyers, you’ll need to gather some key information on your own. For further preparation advice, you can get in touch with our Coquitlam, Burnaby, and Langley lawyers here.

  1. An inventory of your assets

Do you own property or land? Do you have multiple banking accounts, stocks and bonds, or other investments? What about an antique car or priceless heirloom?

2. People you wish to include

Take some time to think about who you wish to include as beneficiaries in your will. This can include family members, friends, and charities.

3. Your bequests

Do you know exactly who that antique car will go to? What about your stock portfolio? You’ll also need to think about who will get everything else that is not specifically named in your will. This person is otherwise known as a “residuary beneficiary.”

4.Wishes for your funeral

Along with providing instruction for distributing your estate, your last will and testament also includes instructions for your funeral, such as whether it will be a burial or cremation and where you desire your final resting place to be.

5. Your executor

Your wills and estates lawyer will also ask you who will be responsible for paying off any last debts and making sure your estate is distributed as you’ve outlined. This person is known as the “executor.”

Whether you’re located Burnaby, Coquitlam, or Langley, lawyers at DBM will help you draft a will that is legally sound and takes every factor into consideration.




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