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Slip and Fall in Coquitlam? Personal Injury Top 3 Need-to-Knows

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You’re out and about with your family, taking a leisurely stroll through a shopping centre, when—before you realize what’s happened—your feet fly out from under you and you’ve taken a bad fall. Sometimes we think the best thing to do is shake it off, but the reality is that what you do next could affect your health and happiness for years to come.
DBM’s Coquitlam personal injury lawyers not only have years of experience in the law, but they also have years of experience in the Tri-Cities—which is an important combination if you need to pursue a personal injury suit following a local slip and fall situation.
So, before you shake that tumble off, read these three important personal injury need-to-knows.
1. Not all injuries are immediately apparent
When we suffer a slip and fall, sometimes the damage is obvious instantly—a broken limb or missing teeth are hard to miss. However, not all injuries are visible and neither do they immediately present themselves. From concussions to soft tissue injuries to balance disorders, the fallout of a slip and fall on your Coquitlam day out can take a varying amount of time to appear.
2. Fault isn’t always cut and dry
Maybe the shopping centre’s cleaner failed to put up a “wet floor” sign, and that’s why you ended up taking a spill. Or perhaps the steps leading into a store were uneven. But who do you approach to discuss your accident: the cleaner, the store, the mall, its owner, or the insurance company? What if you were wearing worn-out sneakers? Does that make it your fault?
Before you leap to any conclusions, speak with a legal professional who knows the location where your slip and fall occurred as well as the case law that has come before.
3. A personal injury lawyer is your best ally
Navigating the complexities of personal injury law—from proving fault and determining appropriate damages to something as complicated as launching a suit against a corporation—is best done by an expert. Not only does having a professional on your side ensure the best chance at getting appropriate compensation for your injury, but it also means your rights will be protected throughout the entire process.
With locations in Langley, Sechelt, and Coquitlam, personal injury lawyers and the decades of experience DBM offers are easily accessible across the entire Tri-Cities.
For more information on personal injury law, contact us here.


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