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Real Estate Law 2019/10/29

The Empty Homes Tax

The Empty Homes Tax is a new tax on vacant or under-utilized properties within Greater Vancouver. We discussed the definitions and exemptions of this tax in an earlier blog post: The Empty Homes Tax in Vancouver. With the introduction of the tax, some property owners have found themselves fighting for their exemptions. Today, this post … Continued

Real Estate Law 2018/07/24

The Empty Homes Tax

Alert, Vancouverites! There is a new tax you need to worry about – the Empty Homes Tax! In a future blog post, I will discuss the implications of the Empty Homes Tax on people who are selling and buying homes in the City of Vancouver. For now, I will just focus on current owners of … Continued

Real Estate Law 2018/03/13

Recent Changes to the Property Transfer Tax

The tax one must always consider when purchasing or acquiring any real estate in BC is the Property Transfer Tax. For our previous post on the subject, please click HERE But on February 20, 2018, the BC NDP Government’s Budget made some changes to the Property Transfer Tax. What is the Property Transfer Tax When … Continued

Real Estate Law 2017/12/05

Real Estate: Doctrine of Caveat Emptor

Are you considering purchasing or selling a single-family home, townhouse, condo, or other real property? Are you considering offering or accepting no subjects to close the deal? If so, prior to making or accepting the offer, you and your realtor ought to know that the Doctrine of Caveat Emptor or in lay terms, the concept … Continued

Real Estate Law 2016/08/02

BC Property Transfer Tax Changes That Will Affect Foreign Entities Acquiring Properties in the Greater Vancouver Regional District

Effective August 2, 2016, an additional property transfer tax applies to residential property transfers to foreign entities in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. The Amount of the Additional Property Transfer Tax The additional tax on property transfers to foreign entities is 15% of the fair market value of the foreign entity’s proportionate share of a … Continued

General Litigation 2016/07/22

Facing an Eviction? 3 Things to Do Immediately

The prospect of being forced from your home is an uncomfortable one, to say the least. While facing an eviction can be overwhelming, there are immediate steps you can take to help gain back your sense of control.   Re-read the Eviction Notice Make sure what you’re dealing with is a legitimate eviction notice. Landlords … Continued

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