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Texting While … Moving: 3 Situations to Avoid

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It’s hard to remember what we did before the cell phone. Texting while doing almost any other task is by now second nature—even for your once cell phone-resistant hippie uncle.
But with the power of constant connectivity comes great responsibility—not least of all to ourselves. We all know the dangers of texting (or Googling or Pokemon Go-ing) when we should be paying attention, but there are legal implications to consider as well.
1. Texting While Walking
Sure, you’re unlikely to seriously hurt anyone else while texting and walking, but you can invite personal injury to yourself. We’ve all seen the YouTube clip of the woman falling into a fountain while texting. Now imagine that fountain is a car. Not so funny anymore.
If you are hit by a vehicle while distracted, it could affect the damages you receive in your personal injury settlement. However, if you’re hit by a car when texting while walking, do not assume you’re the one at fault. Contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your situation.
2. Texting While Cycling
While it is infinitely harder to pull off texting while cycling, distracted cycling is a legitimate danger. More common than texting is talking while cycling, using headphones and mic.
As a vehicle on the road, bicycles are as responsible for looking out for other pedestrians and vehicles as drivers of cars are. As such, using headphones over both ears, while cycling is discouraged in British Columbia in general, and in Coquitlam, for example, it is fully illegal.
3. Texting While Driving
Of most concern, unsurprisingly, is texting while driving. Engaging in distracted driving puts the personal safety of everyone around you—and your own—at risk. The law is serious about quashing this practice: as of June 1, 2016, distracted driving fines have more than doubled to $368, with 4 penalty points on your record, plus a $175 ICBC Driver Penalty Point premium. The message? Just don’t do it.
No one wants to be on either side of a “texting while …” accident, but it’s only possible to make sure we are never the perpetrator. If you are the victim of a distracted driving, cycling, or walking incident, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.
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