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The Benefits of Having a Wills and Estates Lawyer Draft Your Will

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Having a wills and estates lawyer by your side when drafting a will ensures that your assets are protected. Without a will, you have no control over the division of your family assets or the guardianship of your children—so why take the risk with something so important?

While the law may allow an informal document to be treated as a will in rare cases, it is always better to have your will professionally drafted with the expert advice of a will lawyer. If you are looking to draft your will, here are 3 reasons why you should seek the help of a wills and estates lawyer.

Knowledge of the Law

It may seem obvious, but having a lawyer’s deep knowledge of the law is one of the most important reasons to have a will lawyer draft your will. There are a host of formalities and requirements that can stand in the way of making sure your wishes are fulfilled. If incorrectly drafted, your will could be challenged and not carried out as you intended. A will lawyer’s expertise secures your future and provides you with the peace of mind of knowing your assets are protected.

Preventing Future Disputes

A well-drafted will not only stands up in court but also clearly communicates your wishes. An experienced wills and estates lawyer will help provide the guidance you need to ensure that your wishes are clearly communicated and won’t be misunderstood. A professionally-written will is clear and covers any conceivable contingencies to ensure that the right people receive your assets. This can help prevent any potential disputes from arising due to a miscommunication in your will. If these disputes escalate into court, they can often prove to be financially draining for those involved.

Will Planning

A lawyer can not only draft your will but can also help with your will and estates planning to maximize your assets. You wouldn’t want the Canadian Revenue Agency to be the largest beneficiary of your estate! With the guidance of a lawyer, you can be sure that your wealth and assets are kept within your family—not the CRA.

Drafting a will is one of the most important actions you can take to protect your family and your assets. Our lawyers are experienced will and estate planners that are happy to create a plan that caters to your needs. If you are thinking about drafting your will, our estates and trusts team is always available to help. Contact our Coquitlam lawyers today to get started!


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