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Good advice.

Why do you need witnesses when involved in a motor vehicle accident?

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First, is there anyone in your car that needs medical attention; that includes your self? If so, call 911 immediately. Also, if there looks to be over a thousand dollars in damage to your vehicle or it is unsafe to drive, call the police.
Now, take another breath and start to gather as much physical information as you can for your personal injury lawyer.
If safe to do so, do a quick walk around your vehicle. Using your phone, photograph any damage that your vehicle has sustained. Also photograph the other vehicle involved in the accident. Document any skid marks and do a wider angle shot that includes all traffic signage.
Next, exchange information with the other driver(s). This includes name and address, driver’s licence numbers, insurance information and the licence plates of all vehicles involved.
Having gathered this initial intel, your next focus should be to secure neutral witnesses. Witnesses from inside your vehicle are considered bias. They have an invested interest in the outcome of any litigation. They might have impeccable character, but in a court of law, their testimony will always be slanted.
Seek out credible neutral witnesses who have relevant knowledge of the circumstance involving your collision; credibility is essential. Other drivers are good because they will have had a close-up view of the accident. But during the moment of impact, drivers in other vehicles are more often concerned with their own safety then creating a mental record of the events.
Pedestrians are excellent witnesses. They often have a wider view of the accident. They also may have witnessed one or more of the vehicles before the collision. Usually 20-50 metres from the event is a good range. If they are closer, they may be more concerned with their own safety then accurately remembering the events. Any further and they may be testing their visual accuracy.
Take note of your witnesses’ age and mental state. Are they wearing glasses? Are they walking an animal or taking care of a child? These can be distractions that reduce their credibility.
If the police are on their way, ask the witnesses you have chosen to remain at the scene. If they resist, take down as much information as you can, starting with their name and phone number.
Without witnesses, it is your word against the other driver’s. Help your Coquitlam Injury Lawyer build a case for your defence. When involved in a motor vehicle accident, seek out as many credible witnesses as you can.
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