ICBC Claims and Personal Injury Law

You’ve been injured in an automobile accident, or through someone’s negligence. An accident is a life changing event. It affects your family, your career, and can prevent you from doing the things you love most.

After the accident you have two priorities –to get the compensation you need to get your life back on track and to get healthy and pain free again.

Our experienced personal injury team is on your side. A team who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. The personal injury lawyers at DBM have been handling personal injury lawsuits for over 30 years. Some of our lawyers have even represented ICBC in the past. We understand exactly how ICBC will approach your case, what tactics they will use to reduce your claim, and how best to present your case in a manner that ICBC will respect and understand.

If you have been injured it is essential that you see your doctor right away You must follow his or her treatment advice and work hard in order to recover. This helps you in two ways. Talking to your caregivers and following their instructions will hopefully improve your symptoms. It will also provide a record of your efforts and provide the evidence to help prove your case.

You insurance company is supposed to make you their top priority; unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Insurers are run like businesses, they are only interested in saving money and reducing costs instead of helping you heal. Your pain, loss, or inconvenience runs contrary to their agenda.

The lawyers at DBM are committed to your recovery. We will do what it takes to get you the funding you need in order to get the treatments you require. We have even fought and won a case against ICBC in the Court of Appeal for the payment of a client’s $742.00 massage therapy bill.

You also deserve to be compensated for more than just the cost of your treatments. When making a personal injury claim, however, the insurance company will often come to the table armed with lawyers, investigators, and specialists to argue why they are not compensating you for your injuries.

DBM will guide you through the complex legal process and get the result you deserve. Our lawyers have many years of experience fighting and winning for our clients, in and out of the court room.

At DBM, our clients are always our first priority. No negotiations or major decisions happen without your input.

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