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Charged With Assault? Our Assault Lawyers in Coquitlam Can Help

Have you been charged with assault? It is always the prosecution’s responsibility to prove without a doubt that the offence you are being charged with was committed. Assault charges can be exaggerated or used for ulterior motives such as to force a divorce.

Our experienced assault lawyers can help defend you against the charges you have received and prevent a criminal conviction. We will investigate your case thoroughly to create a case that gives you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Assault charges can take multiple forms—aggravated, sexual, and domestic assault can all fall under the assault banner. Our Criminal Law team has been handling assault cases and defending against assault charges in the Tri-Cities area for decades. We are available 24 hours a day for consultations and to help you with your case. For the best outcome, it is crucial to contact a criminal lawyer as early as possible and not to make any statements to the police. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your charge; we are always here to help.

Our Criminal Lawyers

Assault Criminal Law: Why You Should Contact a Lawyer

An experienced criminal lawyer will be able to review your case and find the right means of building a strong defence. This can include interviewing witnesses, finding inconsistencies in the charges laid against you, and locating documents that help present you in the best light possible. Our criminal lawyers have defended clients from all different types of assault charges—that experience can prove vital in a courtroom.

Assault can be one of the hardest charges to defend against in a courtroom. The severity of the assault can potentially lead to long jail sentences and a criminal record. If you have been charged with any form of assault, it is absolutely crucial to have an experienced criminal lawyer by your side. You don’t have to face your charge alone—our Criminal Law experts are here to help. Contact our team 24 hours a day at 604-937-6358 or 604-937-6482 for a consultation.

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