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Impaired Driving Lawyers in Coquitlam

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Our DUI Lawyers in Coquitlam Can Help with Your Case

At DBM Law, we understand how damaging an impaired driving charge can be to your life and reputation. Our experienced impaired driving lawyers can help you present your case and defend you from charges.

Even if you think you may not have a defence for the charges against you, it is still crucial to contact a lawyer before admitting guilt. You could potentially lose the ability to drive for over a year as well as other penalties. The law is complex, and our DUI lawyers can help you navigate it to find a more positive outcome for your case.

If you have been charged with driving impaired, be sure to reach out to our impaired driving lawyers as soon as possible. The earlier a lawyer is involved in your case, the better the chance is for a positive outcome.

Our Criminal Lawyers

Why You Should Call a DUI Lawyer

A DUI case can often become complex due to discrepancies in protocols committed by the officer that had pulled you over. These discrepancies can have huge implications on your case and its outcome. Having the counsel of a criminal lawyer can help you ensure that your rights are protected and identify inconsistencies in the case against you.

You can be charged with driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, driving with alcohol in your system above the legal limit, or for refusing to comply with a demand for a test. No matter your charge, our criminal lawyers are always available to help you. Contact our lawyers today for assistance with your DUI case.

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