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The legal ramifications of a traffic ticket can cost you more than just a significant fine. You could potentially lose your driver’s license, have your insurance rates skyrocket, and more. Our driving defence lawyers can help reduce your penalties and push for the most positive outcome possible.

For decades, our traffic ticket lawyers have been defending clients charged with traffic violations. If you have been charged with a driving offence, a lawyer can help review your rights and provide legal guidance for disputing it.

Remember, once you receive a traffic ticket, you only have 30 days to dispute it. If you do not dispute the ticket within this time period, you will be deemed to have admitted guilt. It is important to contact a traffic ticket lawyer as soon as you receive a traffic violation for your best chance at successfully disputing it. Prior to your court date, we will review all evidence with you to ensure that you have a strong defence against your charge.

Contact our driving offence and defence lawyers today for assistance with your traffic violation ticket. Our experienced team can review your situation and guide you through the next steps in your case.

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