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Our employment contract lawyers are always available to help you draft or review an employment contract. When it comes to drafting any contract, it’s all about the details. Our team of lawyers can help you draft an employment contract that is airtight, fair for your employees, and protects your interests.

Whether you are looking to have a contract reviewed, need expert legal advice, or need to have a new contract drafted, give our employment contract lawyers a call. Our team prides itself on our friendly service and sound legal advice. Feel free to contact any of the lawyers on this page for assistance.

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Employment Contracts with DBM Law

An employment contract defines an employee’s relationship with an employer. Compensation, responsibilities, and terms of employment should all be listed within the contract as clearly as possible. Often included in these contracts are termination clauses with a list of actions that could result in termination. These termination clauses can potentially limit the amount of severance you could be entitled to if you are terminated from your position. However, many termination clauses are not legally enforceable.

Having an employment contract lawyer review your contract provides benefits to both employees and employers. If you are recently terminated due to a clause in your contract, our lawyers can help you identify if you have been wrongfully dismissed and are entitled to severance pay. If you are an employer, a lawyer can help you draft termination clauses that are valid in the eyes of the law to ensure that you don’t have to unexpectedly pay severance.

Contact any of the employment lawyers on this page to arrange a consultation about your employment contract. We are always available to help you!

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