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Family Law:

Divorce Lawyers

Our Divorce Lawyers Are Here to Help

Our family lawyers are experts in BC Divorce Law and are here to help you navigate the legal complications that can come with a divorce. Whether you need help with dividing property, claiming child or spousal support, or dealing with a custody dispute, be sure to give our divorce lawyers a call. They will be able to review your case and guide you through your next steps.

About BC Divorce Law

While you can separate from a partner at any time, a marriage will not be legally over until a divorce order has been obtained from the BC Supreme Court. In order for a divorce order to be granted, certain conditions need to be met. Family arrangements such as child support will need to be arranged beforehand, and you will need to prove to the Court that your marriage has broken down beyond repair. You will also need to live separate from your partner for at least a year before applying for a divorce order.

If you are unsure of the various processes required to have a legal divorce, our divorce lawyers are available for consultations to review your case and provide legal counsel. Our Family Law team has helped numerous clients with their divorce processes. If you need help starting the divorce process, reach out to our Family Law team today.

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