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Wills and Trust Services with DBM Law

Wills and Estates Lawyers for Trusts and Wills

Whether you are in need of a Testamentary Trust or an Inter Vivos Trust, our experienced lawyers for Trusts and Wills are here to help.

Most Trusts are fairly similar in that there is always a trustee that owns assets for the benefit of another person who is known as the beneficiary of the Trust. When you book a consultation for our Wills and Trust services, our team will walk you through every step of the process to ensure that your Trust is set up correctly. Book a consultation with our lawyers today.

Wills and Trusts Services at DBM Law

Our Wills and Estates lawyers are always available to help you set up a Trust. There are two types of Trusts that feature important differences worth noting. Testamentary Trusts are created within a will; these are often Trusts for children, spouses, or recreational properties you are looking to pass to other family members. The other type of Trust is known as an Inter Vivos Trust, which simply means “in life.” Unlike Testamentary Trusts, Inter Vivos Trusts are not created in Wills. One of the most common types of Inter Vivos Trusts involves splitting income through family members to reduce taxes.

Have questions about setting up a Trust? Unsure where to begin? Our professional lawyers can review your options and help you set up a Trust. Whether you are in need of a Testamentary or Inter Vivos Trust, we can easily guide you through the process to ensure that your Trust is set up correctly. Contact our team about our Wills and Trust services today for assistance.

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