LTD & CPP Disability Claims

Insurance and Disability Benefits including Long-Term Disability, CPP Disability, Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and Travel Medical Insurance are all valuable, peace of mind coverages that most employees have through a group insurance plan or a union trust plan through their workplace, or through a professional plan or self-employment income replacement plan.

Most people do not review or consider their coverage or policy wording until they need to make an application.

As insurance policies and trust plans vary, it is important that you review your insurance and disability coverage in place for you and your family from time to time, read the actual policy wording, understand the limits and terms of coverage, and seek assistance from a broker to fill any gaps to suit your circumstances.

If you become injured, sick or ill and cannot continue working, do not quit your job.

Seek out medical assessment and look at applying for benefits while you recover, or to support you if unable to return to work.

If you make a claim for any insurance benefits and are denied by the insurer, take steps to learn about the deadlines that apply to bringing an action or requesting an appeal or review.

For disability benefits and all other insurance claims and coverage, feel free to contact Julie Fisher for your FREE, initial legal consultation and protect your right to compensation today.

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LTD & CPP Disability Claims

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