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Suffered a Personal Injury? 3 Signs It’s Time to Take Legal Action

DBM Law Blog

Whether you were in a car accident, were hurt by a defective product, or were attacked by someone’s pet, you may be able to sue for compensation for your pain and suffering.
Not sure if you’ve got a legal claim for your personal injury? Learn about three basic signs below, and then get in touch with one of DBM’s Coquitlam lawyers to discuss your situation.
1. You were the victim of someone else’s negligence
The primary requirement for taking legal action for a personal injury is that you were involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent actions. This includes being hit by another driver, suffering a slip and fall on someone else’s property, and being injured through a medical professional’s error.
2. You’re in pain or distress
If you were in an accident through no fault of your own, and suffered a personal injury, then you may be able to seek compensation for that injury in a court of law. Sometimes injuries are immediate—such as broken bones or wounds—but sometimes they take time to develop. This includes whiplash and mental and emotional responses to the incident.
3. You’ve been missing out on work or regular activities
If you have been hurt, the law does not just compensate you for your treatment but also your reduced quality of life. If you are unable to attend work or are no longer able to participate in activities you love, a lawyer can help you win ‘damages’  for your suffering.
To take a claim to court, you must be able to prove, through concrete evidence, that you were injured by the other person’s negligence. A personal injury lawyer will be able to help you determine if you have the evidence needed to pursue your claim.
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