Will, Estates and Trusts

Although most of us do our best to avoid paperwork, estate planning is one of the most important actions you will take to protect your family and assets. Without a valid will, you have no control over the division of your family assets or the guardianship of your minor children.

There’s no way around it: a properly prepared will is essential for everyone, and its preparation shouldn’t be put off for “someday” in the future.

The wills, estates, and trusts lawyers at DBM have helped thousands of individuals and families to develop comprehensive, tax-effective estate plans tailored to address each of their diverse set of needs.

Along with a last will and testament, another key estate-planning tool is trusts. Our lawyers are well versed in the preparation of both testamentary trusts (trusts within a will) and inter vivos trusts (trusts outside of a will). DBM’s experience includes drafting ego trusts and joint partner trusts, as well as trusts for minor or disabled beneficiaries.

DBM’s wills, estates, and trusts lawyers can assist with the administration of estates, filing probate and administration applications, and advising estate executors and administrators in all aspects of estate administration.

Draft your will today, not “someday,” and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are prepared.

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